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Here Is What Is in Store for You at This Extraordinary Summit…

You’re invited to one of the most on-target Summits around.  Hosted by Davenport University,  this profit-building Summit is for small businesses including professional services experts. Top professionals who practice what they teach will openly share their proven business strategies for success.

This Summit is jam-packed with content that can absolutely accelerate your cash flow and bring in more clients.   Think of this Summit as an accelerated full-day intensive that provides high-level expert guidance and personal instruction to close on more sales, bring in more leads, and save you thousands of dollars in cutting-edge solutions so you get where you want to go in 2013.

  Top-Notch Speakers and Topics

Seal the Deal 98% of the Time

by Lisa Mininni, Best-Selling Author and President of Excellerate Associates

  • What all business owners must understand about their businesses or they will fail at sealing the deal
  • Your Secret Sauce – exactly what you personally need and how you need to manage it if you want a steady stream of clients
  • Amazingly simple tips to start sealing the deal 98% of the time
  • How to have people choose you instead of you chasing them down

Manifest Leads Out of Thin Air 


jayne burch

marketingmonsoon logo 2013 by Jayne Burch, Marketing Monsoon

  • 3 Steps to keeping your pipeline filled – effortlessly and automatically
  • How to help your preferred client find you easily online and see you as the obvious choice
  • Strategies to get your preferred clients to contact you first and ask to become your prospect
  • The secret of automatically converting your prospects to clients

Hidden Revenue Enhancement Strategies – Revealed 

by Al Robinson, CEO of Waymakers

  • How re-allocating employees can increase revenue
  • Free or almost free technology trends to increase revenue
  • Changing your insurance risk profiles will increase your revenue immediately

Why 70% of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Are Not in Compliance – and What You Can Do About It


by Dean Chambos, PenInsure Group

  • Why are retirement plans not in compliance peninsuregroup
  • What are the penalties and ramifications for not being in compliance
  • Where do you go for help
  • What do you do to satisfy compliance requirements for your company retirement plan


The Ultimate Cash Flow Formula

by Jared Sparr, CEO of JPS

  • How cutting your costs by $100.00 a month boosts your cash flow more than increasing sales by $12,000.00 a year
  • How spending more will actually reduce your expenses
  • How to streamline your systems with technology and cut labor costs by thousands
  • How to increase your income without adding additional labor, inventory or overhead
  • How a simple continuity plan can save you from going out of business overnight
  • How to market more effectively with more results and for less cost



“When I signed up I wasn’t really sure if this program was for me as so many seminars I’ve been to didn’t give me much to walk away with. But WOW, there was so much diverse subject matter delivered  that I now have many things that will help my business in so many areas. The bonus to the program was the genuine interest the speakers took in their audience. At every break and long after the program ended, the speakers were still engaged with participants who had questions.

I was so glad this program was recommended to me and even more, I’m so glad I went!”   Nancy DuBay, CEI Medical

“Each speaker was very knowledgeable about their topic and delivered their content with confidence and in a professional manner. Each topic was interesting, applicable, and up to date for the current economic climate and to today’s business community. This day-long workshop was well worth my time very helpful in making connections with other professionals who will help me improve and promote my business.” Georgean Vorwerk

“The Success Summit provided real education and practical tool for any business owner who wants to grow their business-great job.”

John Lankford

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A Portion of the Proceeds From This Event To Support Team Happy Feet TM   

Team Happy Feet TM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Its mission is to assist with household and medical expenses for individuals battling cancer.