Create Your Signature Program
A business asset that is uniquely your own...

Your Signature Program is a must have asset to scale your business while creating a body of work that gives your company distinct recognition in the marketplace.


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This workshop is for you if you...

  • Struggle to succinctly and effectively answer this simple question, "what do you do?" in a way that has your prospect stand up and say, "I want to do business with you."
  • Have difficulty describing the value the client receives when working with you and your company.
  • Want to distinguish your company from all others who offer similar products/services.
  • Want to shorten the sales cycle and increase the lifetime value for each client.
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Integrate Your Ideas Into a Framework
That Creates Traction...

This interactive workshop
is for you if you want to...

In This Interactive Session,
you will...

✓Walk out with your Signature Asset (whether it is a blueprint, model, program, process, or framework)

✓Design a client "experience" from pre-enrollment, through continuity, to completion. You'll identify ways to increase client results and overcome common implementation challenges.

✓Identify specific strategies to deliver your signature asset so you leverage your (and your team's) time and talents while maximizing the value and impact your clients receive.

✓Confidently package and market your work in a new format because you've ensured your signature asset captures and delivers value and is aligned with your World Contribution, Vision, Mission, and Values.

✓Design a clear and customized program launch and enrollment strategy that piques the interest of your Preferred Clients to ensure they're in a position to benefit fully from your program.

✓Learn how to deliver psychometric messages to keep clients engaged and teach techniques to be built into your signature asset from the start.

Creating Your Ideal Signature Asset That Sets You Apart
is a Business Essential For Every Business...

It's essential that you:

  • Zero in on the exact target audience that needs what you’re offering;
  • Create a program that fits your Business Model;
  • Capture your distinct approach and communicate it in an easy way; and
  • Deliver what it promises.

Here's how these essentials are accomplished:

Identify Your Signature Asset...

Your Signature Asset gives you the clarity and structure to move from thinking about creating a program to actually doing it. You will design your distinctive approach so you stand apart from everyone else offering similar programs, products or services.

You will clarify the ideal clients who will benefit and the exact outcomes your clients can expect from your program.

Consistently and Confidently Deliver Client-Desired Outcomes...

Packaging all of your knowledge and content into a program can sometimes be confusing for you and your clients.

In this step, you’ll map out concise ways to move your clients through your business asset(s) so they achieve results and want to continue to work with you.

Get Traction...

When it comes to creating a client experience, small things make a big impact.

This step walks you through the process of designing an experience your clients will enjoy—from enrollment, continuity, and through to completion. Select the ideal delivery methods and use attractive marketing messages that pull in your ideal clients.

And, because your clients experience their desired outcomes, they will refer others to you.

Once you enroll, here's what happens...

For over 16 years, we've become the
trusted source for training and Business Mentoring...

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Jacki Smith, CEO Jacki Smith, CEO, Coventry Creations

Before attending Create Your Signature Program, I was uncertain about my sales funnel language and couldn't connect my retail and wholesale sides of my business. During this workshop, I created and got confident in our unique system and was inspired by the systems of my fellow students. I can finally launch my system with confidence!

Patty Shaw Patty Shaw, Healing with Patty Shaw

Before the Create Your Signature Program, I was confused, working too hard, and didn't have a solid sales process. I was ready to let a dream die because I didn't know I could bring it all together. Lisa Mininni's coaching and teaching was very effective. During this hands-on workshop, I created my signature program and the path to how to execute it! What I learned increased my confidence and my contribution to create a business where there wasn't one.

Walking into the Create Your Signature Program, I wasn't clear or concise in what I wanted for my business or business model. During the workshop, I realized the true potential in my vision and have a clear sense of my contribution to the world and how to manifest that through my work! This class helped me to execute my dream with an actionable plan!

Melissa G.
Pauline Khamou, Owner Pauline Khamou, Owner, Phalanges Manicure Studio

During this workshop, I got connected to how to fully express my signature approach and create a call to action around my operations with it. I walked out with my 5-point system that is unique to my salon. I discovered how to operationalize my signature system and have action steps to make it happen.

Natasha Richards, Managing Broker Natasha Richards, Managing Broker, Bellabay Realty

At the Create Your Signature Program, I discovered my unique contribution, discovered ways to focus on what's important, and created my signature program.

My signature program will increase my production and differentiate me in the marketplace.

I was struggling to meet the variety of needs my clients had and was starting to experience burnout from all of the juggling. The Create Your Signature Program workshop helped me to define how I could provide the levels of service my clients wanted and needed while simplifying the method through which I delivered the service. I wholeheartedly recommend it to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to simplify their business!

George Pariseau
Brainstream Creative
  • A practicum so you create your signature asset in just two days!

  • One-on-One Mentorship

  • Design ways to engage your ideal clients and an implementation road map.

When You Enroll Today, Here's What You Will Receive:

  • Access to interactive, two-day workshop, binder, templates, and psychometric templates
  • One-on-one Welcome Call and access to Signature Asset Assessment
  • Access to Excelleration App to put all areas of the business together
Enroll Now - Only $699
Register - 3 Easy Pays of $259

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