What is Human Hardwiring?

Natural wiring is deeply rooted

Natural wiring is distinct from your personality and behavior.

  • Wiring dictates the type of environment you are best equipped to thrive and succeed, and the kind of environment you prefer to live and work.
  • Wiring also forms the psychological bedrock from which your behavioral and personality traits emerge. Because your wiring is integrated with your mental and physical chemistry, it never changes, but your behavior does.
  • Wiring answers the ‘why’ questions that are hidden behind the changeability of human behavior.
  • To go a step further, the discovery of ‘how’ wiring impacts your actions eliminates much of the mystery in understanding why you do what you do. With this newfound knowledge, you are able to more clearly and confidently interact with people around you.
  • When you understand your and others wiring, you operate better as a team or an organization.


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    Uses of Understanding Hardwiring

    Hiring - Understanding how people are wired better aligns them in positions, creates enhanced idea flow, improves communication, productivity and decision making.

    Standard hiring gives a 40% success rates but with a targeted understanding of a person's wiring, you can improve your success of selecting the best fit to 85%.

    Imagine what would be possible if you could replicate your top performers?

    Create Transformational Leadership Programs - increase personal awareness and communication at a level that makes a lasting difference.  Many business leaders ask, "how can I motivate my team?" The better question to ask is, "how is my team best motivated?" Don't guess at how each team member is best motivated - know it.

    Create a Thriving Culture - Most work teams are built around skills, and they should be.  But productivity and performance are the result of effective human relations. Knowing your hardwiring opens the door to real understanding between people and enables them to quickly relate to one another in ways that might otherwise take years to accomplish.

    Develop a Best in Class Company - have employees use their discovery of their hardwiring with family members to transform their communication.

      Understanding Human Wiring Infographic

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      Be Extraordinary in Communicating with Others!

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      Frequently Asked Questions and How Can I Learn More?

      What are the benefits of knowing human hardwiring?

      With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, we can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need. We can also comprehend their value system and how they think.  This profound insight into a person’s wiring is more beneficial than knowing their personality profile, family history, or IQ.   It is also a better barometer for understanding what makes a person tick; far better than simply knowing their educational accomplishments, work history or skill sets.

      How is human wiring measured?

      To describe and measure another person’s wiring pattern is one of the more recent and revolutionary advances in human understanding.  The field of psychological testing has evolved over the years, and so has the field of organizational and employee assessment.  Advancements in these areas have led to the development of certain assessments, which  define, measure, and report on a person’s wiring.

      What does hardwiring reveal?

      Your innate wiring reveals your primary drivers based on your innate response to psychometric words. Hardwiring shows how engaged you are in your current environment or how much stress you are under in the previous 90 days of your life. You discover insights into how well you are motivated and you'll understand how someone on your team is being managed or motivated, and whether someone is truly a good fit for their role.

      How can I learn more?

      We offer several options:

      • Attend a 1/2 day Profitability Lab: Introduction.  Perfect for business owners. >>LEARN MORE.
      • Discovery Session - this is a one-on-one session (which can be done through online conferencing) that includes a variety of assessments, inclusive of your customized hardwiring report. >>LEARN MORE
      • Wired to Win! Your Path to Passion, Purpose and Profits - an interactive course perfect for the entrepreneur/business owner who wants to align their business with how they naturally execute. Includes your customized hardwiring report. >>LEARN MORE
      • Attend the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners in April or October - this is the ideal option for the small business owner. You'll learn the 8 elements of human wiring and how to apply it to build a team, align your business and spot it during networking and the sales process. >>LEARN MORE.
      • Schedule a demonstration or team building session - this is perfect for the business owner with a team who wants to improve their hiring, productivity, and profitability.

      >>Call (734) 223-3938 to schedule a team-building session.