What is Human Wiring?

What is Human Wiring?

Your Wiring is Powerful.

Your wiring pre-determines how you operate at work and even the environments where you best thrive. Because your wiring is something you're born with, it never changes, but your behavior does.

Wiring answers the why questions that are hidden behind the changeability of human behavior. Most importantly, when you discover how wiring impacts your actions and that of others, you more clearly interact with people, create high-performance teams, and transform your organization or community.

With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, you can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need. This profound insight into a person’s wiring is more beneficial than knowing their personality profile. It's the highest form of honoring the other person.

Four Wiring Drivers

To describe and measure another person’s wiring pattern is one of the more recent and revolutionary advances in human understanding. The field of psychological testing has evolved over the years, and so has the field of organizational assessments.

These assessments reveal your Primary Elements* (or drivers) based on your innate response to psychometric words. It shows how engaged you have been or how you have adapted to your environment.

There are four Primary Elements that indicate what type of wiring is controlling a person’s thoughts and actions. From them, you can discover:

1. How You Best Create Ideas
2. How You Process Thought
3. The Environment You Best Thrive
4. The Amount of Information or Certainty You Innately Need for Effective Decision Making

As Lisa Mininni, author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change says, "When you work in alignment with who you are innately, it's not work."

When you understand how you are wired, you can distinguish ways to stay consistently motivated. When you discover how others are wired and deliver it in the way they need it, it's the highest form of honoring the other person.

Wiring: Honoring Differences

Internal Thinkers vs. External Thinkers

Discovering Human Wiring

Benefits of Knowing Human Wiring

With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, we can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need. We can also comprehend their value system and how they think. This profound insight into a person’s wiring is more beneficial than knowing their personality profile, family history, or IQ. It is also a better barometer for understanding what makes a person tick; far better than simply knowing their educational accomplishments, work history or skill sets.

How is Human Wiring or Hardwiring Measured?

The field of psychological testing has evolved over the years, and so has the field of  assessments. Advancements in these areas have led to the development of assessments which define, measure, and report on a person’s wiring.

Your innate wiring reveals your primary drivers (or motivators) based on your innate response to psychometric words. Your wiring reveals how engaged you are in your current environment or how you have had to adapt to your environment in the previous 90 days of your life. You discover insights into how well you are motivated and you'll understand how someone on your team is being managed or motivated, and where there is a misalignment in the work environment.

How Can Knowing Human Wiring Benefit Companies?

There are many ways companies can benefit from knowing human wiring:

  • Create a Culture of Distinction by identifying your team's natural strengths
  • Identify your company's hidden culture
  • Hire the right fit by aligning people and positions
  • Improve team engagement
  • When you pair the knowledge of hardwiring along with Excellerate Associates proprietary approach and Excelleration App technology, you create high-performing, engaged and aligned work teams and effective leaders

How Do You Benefit From Knowing Your Hardwiring?

With a profound discovery into how you are wired, your motivations, attributes, and leadership potential, along with an aligned blueprint for integrating your wiring into all areas of your life, you can expand your natural capacity for leadership and make a difference on a broader scale.

How Can I Learn More?

With our hybrid learning platform, you can join us online or onsite for these classes:

For Business Owners/CEO's:


In this half-day, interactive session, you will:

  • Understand human wiring and the impact on your company's culture
  • Discover a systems approach to scaling your business - a fresh way to lead and succeed
    Uncover what makes your company unique
  • Rediscover your company's Contribution in the World
  • See where your company stands with the 7 Profitability Systems


Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners

Walk away with...

  • A scalable, resilient business model and identify expanded revenue streams
  • Your Scaled Organizational Structure
  • Your Business Blueprint (Your Custom Road Map)
  • A Systematized Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Your Human Wiring



For Business Professionals:

Discovery Session

This private one-on-one session is a perfect session for you if you want:

  • Focused direction for consistent, aligned results.
  • Improved effectiveness and engagement so your work environment is aligned with your innate human wiring.
  • Transformed outcomes in all areas of life and business.



For Business Executives, Teams, Business Owners, and Corporate Professionals:

Wired to Win 101: How Are You Hardwired?

In this session, you will:

  • Maximize your unique mix of human wiring and intentionally work in alignment with it.
  • Increase your effectiveness by understanding how others innately want to receive their communication.
  • Tap into peace of mind by identifying ways to stay consistently motivated, reduce stress, and achieve your goals in all areas of your life with freedom and ease.


Wired to Win: Your Path to Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

In this highly-interactive practicum, you will:

  • Deeply understand communication preferences so that you transform your leadership, sales, and personal effectiveness.
  • Increase productivity and work satisfaction.
  • Manage pressure and risk to make the best decisions.
  • Communicate with grace and ease regardless of the content.


Customized Training, Mentoring, and Coaching Programs

Transform your hiring, productivity, leadership effectiveness, and profitability.

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