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The Best Seller Profit System

It's The Ultimate Series to Self Publish Your Way To The Best Sellers List

LIVE EVENT: Thursday-Friday, November 2-3, 2017



Thursday-Friday, November 2-3, 2017



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What Our Alumni are Saying about The Ultimate Series to Self-Publish Your Book...

“I’m a Best Selling Author!”

"Most authors only target the end readers; this book shows four other targets to consider in planning your book. Lisa reveals five high-impact bulk book sale strategies. I hit the Best Seller’s List …and, with Lisa’s Ultimate Guide, you can, too!"


Bill Pirtle, Best Selling Author,
The Savvy Business Owner’s Guide™ Navigating Through the Risks of Credit Card Processing

“Gives you resources so you can take immediate action.”

"Because of you, I now have the confidence to write my own book (with the help of one of the ghost writers your book suggested) and I know it will be a best seller."


Tim R. Green, Author
Set 4 Life: Four Amazingly Simple Steps to Personal, Financial, & Referral Marketing  Success

“Showed me how to make a much larger impact in the world!”

“Writing my book is only one part of the process. This workshop showed me how to make a much larger impact in the world!"


Beverly Wall, CEO, Languages International


“The Best Seller Profit System is a real comprehensive training on the actions needed to launch a best selling campaign (and more)!”

"I am extremely motivated to complete this process to becoming a Best Selling Author and profit long-term from my book. I came with a dream of being an author. I'm leaving with the building blocks to make it happen."


Russell Hoover, CEO, Winners Choice Financial Group

“It’s my own “personal guide” to finishing my book.”

“Lisa’s Ultimate Guide truly covers from A to Z all of the elements of writing and publishing your own book. I have personally been struggling with my own writing for a while, but The Ultimate Guide is now my own “personal guide” to finishing my material and having my book publicized, distributed and read."


James “Jay” Hawreluk, Senior Management Consultant Member of the National Speakers Association

“Comprehensive and Strategically Designed”

"If you’ve got a book in you and are ready to self publish, Lisa systematically paves the way for publishing your own book and taking it to best seller status. Her program and guide is comprehensive and strategically designed to have your book be a fabulous success."


Shawne Duperon, 6 Time EMMY Award Winner, CEO,

“I established a plan and have a more focused vision of what this book will do.”

“The Best Seller Profit System has given me the tools necessary to create a best selling book. I also have the tools I need to develop and launch an effective ministry/organization."


John Ashley, Pastor, Living In Spite Of Ministry

“I have a complete system in place to write and promote my book!”

"Now I have a complete system in place to not only write my book but the knowledge on how to make the best sellers list, promote my book, and create multiple income streams from it!"


Michael Burkey, CEO of Michigan Dog Training

What's in it for You?

There are strategic ADVANTAGES to become a Best-Selling Author.

  • Doors more easily open for those on the best-sellers list AND even better when you STAY on the Best Sellers List. You can gain EXPERT status in your chosen field.
  • Your business sales increase, you start to charge more for your speaking engagements, and you can get more press attention (and I’ll show you the resources how to get even more media.)
  • As your book sales increase, certain distribution systems automatically cross-promote your book with other popular titles.
  • Your message is out there – and you become known QUICKLY. You convert your book to an OVERNIGHT success!

And ALL because you managed to get your SELF-PUBLISHED book onto the Best-Sellers List. Become a Self published author, get and stay on the Best Sellers List and, discover numerous ways to profit from your book even long after you become a Best Selling Author.

Anyone can show you how to get on the Amazon Best Sellers List (and I will help you do that) what’s really important is how to STAY on the Best Sellers List.

Most importantly, staying on the list will get you:

  • More Sales
  • More Prominence
  • More Opportunities

What I show you is:

  • Easy
  • Proven
  • Realistic

Grow Your Audience, Increase Conversions & Boost Sales with ONE Easy Investment of $1497

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    How I Became a Best-Selling Author - and You Can Too!

    I Had Questions, Just Like You

    I remember the overwhelming feelings when I decided to self-publish my book.  Where do I go?  What is an ISBN and why do I need one?  How do I market it?  What are the latest marketing techniques?

    Could I, as a self-publisher, have a Best-Selling Book and PROFIT from it, too? I’m Lisa Mininni and when I got started in writing my best-seller, it all seemed an impossible task to write my book let alone become a Best Selling Author.

    I Discovered a Step-by-Step System that Works!

    When I launched my self-published book nationally in October 2008, I achieved Amazon Best Seller Status, right next to such New York Times Best Selling Authors as  Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and John Gray of Men Are From Mars Women are from Venus.

    You Will Achieve Best-Seller Status

    In the picture to the left is a picture of my book as it rose up the Best Seller List next to John Gray’s book. So many business professionals who were writing their books asked me how I accomplished Best Seller List with John Gray Jack Canfield such a feat and I began to explain the step-by-step system that I took – and even shared some of the secrets I learned after the fact on how to stay on the Best Sellers List!

    Even New York Times Best-Selling Authors were sharing with me how they were considering self-publishing their next book using my system – these are best selling authors who had secured contracts with a publishing house!

    Lose the Overwhelm and Profit from  Your Book

    Becoming a best-selling author is part of a bigger process that starts when you’re writing your book.  It is one part of a bigger system and you must tackle it strategically to create the success you want and tap into the profit systems. When you achieve Best-Selling Author the rewards are SUBSTANTIAL!

    There’s a very specific system that you can use to take your self-published book straight to that prestigious #1 spot on the Best Sellers List that takes away that overwhelm and a multitude of ways to profit from your book for the long-term.

    The Course Includes...

    • The Best Seller Profit System is taught with instant access to the online self-study course, with unlimited email coaching support, and LIVE Coaching Calls to get feedback, questions answered, and more!
    • You receive the step-by-step details and the exact resources to self-publish your book.
    • Receive the insider secrets to writing it in a way that will help you with your marketing later.
    • You’ll know precisely how to get on the Best Sellers List, how to stay on the Best Sellers List and how to profit from your book in the short and long term.
    • The Best Seller Profit System shows you what to do before, during, and after writing your book to profit short-term and long-term.
    • Get the 11 tactical elements to get your book ready for self publishing.
    • Walk through the 21 questions and key areas that you must answer when writing your book that will fundamentally impact marketing your book to the Best Sellers List.
    • Determine how to figure out your exact target audience – and how to use that to boost your book sales!
    • Discover how online bookstores like Amazon can use their tools to make you famous!

    You'll Also Receive...

    • The systems that get you on the Best Sellers List and the Marketing Plans you must implement to get you on the prestigious New York Times Best Sellers List.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of self publishing versus securing a publishing house and why that’s important to know while you’re writing your book.
    • The outlets that feed into the Best Sellers List and how that impacts your long-term book profits.
    • Discover the industry’s perception between hard cover and soft cover books before you launch your book (and how that affects your book’s price.)

    What I show you is:

    • Options to writing a book and how that can bring you sales and how these alternative options can be used in promoting your book.
    • 3 Phases of your book you must know to bring in continuous and long-term income.
    • How your book’s title can expand your sales potential – and the 2 compelling elements that helps your title sell itself.
    • The Planning, Promoting and Profiting Systems that will soar your book to Best Seller status immediately.

    And much, much more!

    100% Risk-Free Guarantee

    You won’t risk a dime participating in the Best Seller Profit System.

    That’s my guarantee to you. I want you to be 100% thrilled discovering your self-published way to the Best Sellers List.  That’s why I’ve created this Self-Study Program – with amazing bonuses. And that’s why I’m also giving a 100% guarantee with every single copy.

    I promise that you’ll get your book onto the Amazon Best Sellers List.  If you just follow my simple plan you’ll undoubtedly hit the Best Sellers List – at a minimum in your category.  If you don’t (and I even include the proven system of guaranteeing it inside my ultimate guide) – or if you’re not thrilled for ANY other reason – just let me know the reason and I’ll refund your entire purchase price.

    YES! I'm ready to become a best selling author!

    Limited Time Offer

    • Self-Publish Your Book
    • Become a Best-Selling Author
    • Profit from Your Book

    I understand I will get when I Order Today:

    • Instant access to Online Program
    • Access to the live two-day Best Seller Profit System Workshop
    • 4 Live Coaching Support Sessions, Ultimate Guide plus volumes of resources to self publish my book
    • Templates in a step-by-step system for writing, printing, and publishing my book
    • Unique marketing ideas used by top publishing houses to get on the Best Sellers List

    Plus This Amazing Bonus

    • Bonus Ticket to the Live Wake Up Profitable Intensive Event to focus on the rest of your business.

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    Self-Publish Your Book & Become a Best-Selling Author with ONE Easy Investment of $1497

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