Discover Your Path to Living Life Fully!

This insightful, simple and easy-to-read book shows you:

  • Why understanding your innate wiring is important to living a life you love, staying consistently motivated, and communicating with effectiveness and grace
  • Specific ways to invent new possibilities for yourself, your life, and your business
  • Breakthrough tactics to create new rewarding and life-affirming paths, move through your Cloud of Ambiguity, and align with your life's work.
Start off the year intentionally!
Organizations use this book as a leadership tool. It is filled with useful tips, leadership distinctions, and thought-provoking questions.
Perfect for book clubs!
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In This Book You Will...

  • Discover Transformative Tools

    • Reprogram your thought patterns from self-limiting to self-fulfilling so you get out of your own way – for good!
    • Discover how one foundational tool can give you the courage to take you where you want to go in life.
    • Understand your life’s cycles so you learn to spot exactly when change may be coming your way.
  • Identify Your Unique Wiring

    • Uncover your own unique wiring
    • Discover how to leverage your unique mix of wiring in the work you do for maximum and sustained productivity and enjoyment.
    • Learn the secrets to creating meaningful relationships and understand what might be getting in your way!
  • Expand What's Possible For Your Life

    • Expand your mindset. Self-reflection questions help you to discover your thought patterns.
    • Learn how to tackle your assumption systems
    • Consider things you’ve never thought of before
    • Identify what you need to let go of to create possibilities with less effort.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Book

Robert Tenuta Robert Tenuta, Sales & Marketing Executive

Provides Clarity

With many changes occurring in our lives, an individual may be looking for direction and a different perspective. Lisa's book can provide some clarity with the changes one is going through. Through the examples Lisa provides, the reader will gain a better insight into their purpose in life.”

Danny Fero, Original Orkopina

Makes Leaders Think About Themselves and What They Need to Change In Their Life

Me, Myself, and Why is an awesome book that makes the reader think about what change they need in their life. Author Lisa has written in a beautiful rhythm. I respect her for this successive piece of work.

B. Rolland

When You Have More Questions Than Answers, This is the Book to Read

If you have lost your job and are reflecting upon what just happened.... or perhaps you have more questions than answers. This is a useful book for these times. It will help you understand "why" and also provide important insight/aids to pursue your next job or a change in career. A key to having a successful life is being able to navigate through events that are not always in one's control and to find one's niche. This book provides a great perspective on how to move forward, particularly if change has chosen you.

S. Patrick

Very Good Resource for All Who Need A Change

I recommend this book for anyone initiating a personal search for change. The material is easy to understand; Mininni presents eight characters with whom we can identify, and thereby introduces a broad spectrum of motivational drivers. This is an excellent, entertaining approach, upon which one can build through a more in-depth investigation of personal motivators and their influence on behavior. Mininni discusses the "Cloud of Ambiguity" as a key indicator of the need for change, and recommends techniques for escaping the Cloud, discovering who you are and aligning what motivates you with what you do. The book combines a process of self-discovery with the means to plan and execute a way ahead.

D. Price

A Practical Application-Rich Approach to Change!

Lisa Mininni's approach to the increasingly important subject of change is practical, application rich, and has a wonderfully broad reach. There is a need for this type of comfortably written, easy to understand presentation. It is obvious that there are several well established underlying models that support her work; however, her style addresses a large audience that would surely drown in some of the high water presentations that populate our bookshelves. I heartily recommend it as a coaching tool.

Laura Rubinstein Laura Rubinstein, CEO, Social Buzz Club and Transform Today

A Must-Have Tool for Creating Change!

I loved the concept and the flow of the book. I gained great insights from Lisa's characters. They taught me about my own motivation for my actions as well as others. The questions Lisa presents helped me to clarify my direction into positive change. This is an enjoyable read for those who want a tool and the support to move their lives in a forward direction quickly.

Autographed Copy - US Orders
Autographed Copy - International Orders
Susan N.

A Consultant's View

As a career consultant in Michigan, the state with the nation's highest unemployment rate, I am well aware of the fear, anger, and confusion that accompany change. As more and more people grapple with change, voluntarily or involuntarily, they will need books like Lisa Minnini's "Me, Myself, and Why." Most of us like to have control over our livelihoods, but what happens when that livelihood goes away? We are automatically thrust into what Minnini aptly calls "a cloud of ambiguity." This helpful book provides specific techniques, such as vision statements, for identifying the ideas, emotions, resources, and insights that prepare people to take stock, fashion a plan, and move forward. And while she is well aware that people don't like change, she teaches that there is power and growth available to those who are willing to be "comfortably uncomfortable."

Carol Sido

Insightful Read!

I started reading Me, Myself, and Why and I don't want to put it down!