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Where Big Ideas Are Actualized.

The Project Lab has you fulfill on your commitments and dreams.



6 pm - 9 pm


Business Innovation Lab

38221 Plymouth Road

Livonia, Michigan 48150

Your Ideas Actualized...

This interactive mentoring program
is for you if you want to...

In this interactive, hands-on mentoring program,
you will...

✓Design and reverse engineer your project plan from inception, through continuity, to completion.

✓Learn ways to create teams to deliver your outcomes and leverage your (and your team's) time and talents.

✓Learn distinctions in leadership and communication that influence alignment, engagement, and performance.

✓Design a clear and customized program launch through to completion.

✓Design accountability structures and metrics to keep yourself and your team focused and in performance.

Generating Outcomes
is an Essential Distinction For Every Business Leader to Master...

Through your participation in this Project Lab, you will discover what it's like to be:

  • A Leader with Integrity: One who fulfills on their promises.
  • A Legacy Leader: One who steps into their Contribution in the World.
  • A Connected Leader. One who activates effective action and expanded leadership from others.

Here's how these essential distinctions in leadership, systems thinking, and existence systems are accomplished:

Experience A Project Protocol...

Your experience with the monthly Project Protocol will give you clarity and velocity to move from a dream to actively and consistently taking action on a fulfillment plan. You will move from conceptionalizing to an operationalized plan of action.

Monthly Mentoring...

Whether you're launching a new service or product line, writing a book, or working on several large-scale launches simultaneously, consistently implementing a project plan can sometimes be frustrating for you because you're busy figuring it out yourself.

Each month, your Live Half-Day Group Mentoring and Monthly Group Call supports you to fulfill on your plans. You are working hands-on each month with your project.

As issues, concerns, or breakdowns occur, you have the Professional Mentor to powerfully mentor or Master Certified Business Coach to coach you in overcoming any barriers to project success.

In the group sessions, you'll also use the new communication or project protocols to resolve any issues that come up.

You'll increase your leadership effectiveness in team building and performance to achieve outcomes.

Get Results...

When it comes to getting results, leaders can make a big impact. Outdated leadership skills might cause an outcome but if they leave a sea of discourse in their wake, you end up with less-than-ideal performance in all areas.

Each month, we'll provide a new leadership distinction that increases your awareness level. This level translates to greater effectiveness in enkindling outcomes.

Once you enroll, here's what happens...

For over 18 years, we've become the
trusted source for training and Business Mentoring...

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Jacki Smith, CEO Jacki Smith, CEO, Coventry Creations

We are in the Excelleration Mentoring Program and in the first six months we accomplished (got a focused plan to scale our business, identified and put in place critical systems so we could scale, etc. ) We also got challenged to move outside our comfort zone resulting in quickly finding and recovering from breaks in our system. As the leader/co-owner, I personally had a breakthrough in effectively leading my team. I highly recommend (Wake Up Profitable, Best Seller Profit System, Excelleration)

Patty Shaw Patty Shaw, Healing with Patty Shaw

Lisa Mininni's guidance has helped us get more organized and think bigger. She showed us how to ask for what we want and expect to receive it or something better. Just in the first six months we got our team trained on setting goals and what it means to be accountable. Our team is more together than ever and leadership skills are blooming. Lisa helped us put in place a focused plan to scale our business. We also identified and put in place critical systems that were needed to run the company more profitable. As the co-owner, I personally had a breakthrough in communication. I'm more effective in guiding our team to get great results. I highly recommend all of Lisa Mininni's programs. I've participated in Wake up Profitable, Create Your Signature Program and her Best Seller Profit System.

Pauline Khamou, Owner Pauline Khamou, Owner, Phalanges Manicure Studio

Personally this year for 2019 I declared it is the year of dreams come true. As solopreneur running and operating a business that I have a big vision for to grow, expand, duplicate, systematize. The creation of all of it may occur overwhelming .Completing the Create Your Signature Program, it created clarity and getting connected to my vision, purpose, systems, and process. I was able to get my thoughts on paper, on a plan and into execution. The coaching empowered me to create an aim, a roadmap which creates a higher level of confidence within. Wake Up Profitable brought clarity to marketing, how to maximize on marketing, and work smarter verses harder.


  • Create Velocity with 12 Months of Mentoring Support: 1 Live Group; 1 Live Group Call Each Month

  • Increase Your Leadership Effectiveness Through New Distinctions Each Month

  • Get Access To Proven Business Tools That Move Your Idea From Concept to Reality.

When You Enroll Today, Here's What You Will Receive:

  • One Half-Day Live Project Lab Group Mentoring and One Group Mentoring Support Call Each Month for 12 months.
  • Project Protocols and Leadership Distinctions to move your idea from concept to reality.
  • Access to Excelleration App, a premier Existence System.
Enroll Now Best Value - $2,400
Enroll Now - $258/month for 12 months

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

We engage with business leaders and owners who have integrity. By your registration, you agree to participate in the program fully. If using installments, you are responsible for the installments for the full length of your program, regardless of your participation in the program. There is not a refund for your unused sessions. If you withdraw or otherwise do not actively participate in the session(s), payment is expected and non-refundable. All programs are non-cancellable. Workshops may be transferable to the next session. If at any time you have something that needs to be worked out, please call Lisa Mininni, President of Excellerate Associates, at 734-223-3938.