How Are You Hardwired?

When you discover your unique human wiring, you tap into a new level of productivity.

When you deliver communication the way the other person wants to receive it, you significantly improve your effectiveness.

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You don't have to imagine it, it's possible when you participate in this workshop.

This interactive workshop
is for you if you want to...

In This Interactive Session,
you will...

✓Walk out understanding your unique mix of human wiring.

✓Identify ways to increase results in areas of life that are important to you and overcome common communication challenges.

✓Participate in interactive exercises have you experience human wiring in action so you are able to create deeper connections with others and significantly improve your communication effectiveness.

✓Confidently organize your goals in all areas of your life so you're living a life you love in alignment with your unique wiring mix.

✓Learn ways to deliver communication by noticing human wiring in others and experience being heard and hearing others in distinctly new and highly effective ways.

Know Your Human Wiring and Being Able to Spot It in Others - Sets You Apart
and is Highest Form of Honoring Others...

It's essential that you:

  • Communicate authentically while honoring the communication preferences of others
  • Increase your leadership level
  • Capture your distinct approach, align your work environment with how you naturally execute, and communicate in ways that make a significant difference.

Here's how these essentials are accomplished:

Identify Your Human Wiring...

As soon as you register, you'll take your human hardwiring assessment. Your wiring is present at birth and is distinct from your behaviors. During the workshop, we will review your wiring index and understand why you do what you do.

Participate in Interactive Exercises ...

Do you have someone in your life that is a complete mystery to you?

Human wiring reveals why we do what we do. Through our real-world exercises, you'll cut through why you respond the way you do and identify ways to be highly effective regardless of the content.

For example, one of our clients wondered why he loved to create ideas but often didn't produce the results. He would get down on himself for not achieving at the levels he thought he should. By understanding his innate wiring, he realized that he needed to build a team to execute on the details of the plan.

Get Impactful Tools...

When it comes to creating authentic connections, small changes make a big impact. When you understand your innate wiring, it makes a big impact in all areas of your life:

Do you want to be highly effective in your communication with others?

Most people deliver communication the way they want to receive it. In this workshop, you'll learn how to spot human wiring in others and how to deliver communication the way the other person wants to receive it.

Want to have all areas of your life work?

You'll design a Blueprint in alignment with your innate wiring so it's easy to attain your goals in all areas of your life.

Do you want to shift your relationship with others?

Whether you're working with a business partner or want to untangle language between you and others in your life, you'll get to the root of your communication hurdles and discover highly effective ways to navigate any conversation.

Want to improve your business results?

You'll work on creating your Excelleration Blueprint that is designed with your hardwiring in mind so you achieve the results you intend in all areas of your life, including business.

Once you enroll, here's what happens...

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The Wired to Win 101 session was a real eye opener for me. I learned so much about myself and how to listen to what someone says and how they say it so I can deliver communication the way they want to receive it.

Michele Wollard, CEO
Michele Wollard, CEO Community Alliance Credit Union

I learned why people do what they do and how to best respond to them. It showed me how to better serve my clients.

Donald Strom, CPA
Donald Strom, CPA Donald W. Strom, CPA, PC

This class was a fun and insightful introduction to understanding oneself, others around you, and how to authentically connect with anyone no matter how they are hardwired. What I like best about this program is the opportunity to explore communication styles and environments that coincide/misalign with one's hardwiring. The new skills I will implement is goal setting for committed areas of life.

Kellee Miller, CEO
Kellee Miller, CEO

The Wired to Win 101 course opened my eyes to understand how other people want to receive information. Now I can deliver information the ways that others will respond to.

Jennifer McArdle, CEO
Jennifer McArdle, CEO McArdle Media
  • Experience human wiring in action.

  • Receive One-on-One Mentorship.

  • Significantly increase your level of effectiveness in any conversation.

When You Enroll Today, Here's What You Will Receive:

  • Access to an interactive workshop and your unique hardwiring index
  • One-on-one Welcome Call and tap into instant mentoring support
  • Access to Excelleration App to align every area of life
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