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EES Model EES in MiddleYou’re all too familiar with the sweat equity it takes to be an industry leader. You understand what it’s like to work hard, be diligent and show that entrepreneurial perseverance.

Before you know it, you’re living in the context of “I don’t have time”, “I’m so busy”, “I don’t have the resources”. Accomplishing your goal feels like you’re paddling upstream in mud.

What’s often missing from business leaders is enrolling others (like your team) so that they see a whole new world of what’s possible for them by being a part of something bigger.

As a leader, that means you must be clear about the contribution that your business makes in the world. When you are present to your contribution and operate inside that contribution that you make in the world through your products and services, you’ll transform your thinking, your actions and your business.

Others will be inspired by your contribution. They see that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

You begin to disappear the ordinary and create extraordinary.

Instantly Progress With This Half-Day Strategy Session...

Have you ever skipped a flat rock across the water? As the rock skims the water, notice how the water ripples. After a moment, each ripple flows effortlessly into the other.

The same concept applies when you take a systems approach. Each system in your business should lead to greater connections and business growth.

When you integrate systems properly, you’ll notice how momentum begins to build and the pieces come together. Like the ripples on the pond, each ripple begins to incorporate into one another and, at the same time, the blending is harmonious. You start to build momentum and get noticed for your unique lineup of products and services naturally and spontaneously.

To be successful, it’s not about just implementing random systems to gain momentum for your business. The trick is to think through how one change impacts your entire business system so that you create that effortless blending.

Through this half-day session, you will begin to identify the gaps and create an action plan to address those gaps.

  • Discover a Profitability Shift

    …that leaves you at ease and in alignment with your desired future

  • Create Lasting Productivity

    …for you and your team by understanding human hardwiring

  • Identify Your Unique Contribution in the World

    …that transforms the way you (and your team) take action and transform your future

  • See Where You Stand With the 7 Profitability Systems

    …by taking your own Systems Assessment

  • Find More Time and Money in Your Business

    …by shifting the way that you work. (You’ll be amazed at how effective this exercise is in identifying more time and money in your business).

What People Have To Say About Us

Check out what other high-achieving business owners have to say about the Profitability Lab: Introductions...

Stand Out From The Rest

The Profitability Lab: Introduction is one of the most insightful ½ day sessions I have ever been to! I have profited from Lisa's program so much that I have attended twice. While I thought I had a good way to communicate with my prospects and clients, I was only operating at a fraction of what is possible. The Systems Assessment uncovered so many more easily-implementable opportunities for me.

Tracy Wick
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
Creator of Prep for Profit, Publisher of Northville Novi Now


Best Thing I Could Do For My Business

I attended Lisa Mininni’s half-day Profitability Lab. My gosh, it was one of the best things I could do for my business. For some time I’ve wondered why my business is not moving along more rapidly. Then while in Lisa’s training room the answer came – I need better systems. Through her brief training I was exposed to exactly what I need to do to come closer to my goals. Thank you Lisa for such profound information in such a brief time. I am already beginning to implement some of your suggestions and the results exceed my expectations!

Norma T. Hollis, Author & America's Leading Authentic Voice Authority  

The Profitability Lab: Introduction is Powerful!

I found the Profitability Lab: Introduction very meaningful and insightful. It made me consider how my business activities can integrate my personal and life goals. It was powerful!

Marsha Barnett-King, President, Inix Consulting & Brokerage
President: Michigan Business Brokers Association

I Recommend This Lab For All

Attended a profitability lab event hosted by Lisa Mininni today! It was awesome! I discovered newly, the joy and happiness I get out of providing the dream of home ownership to home buyers.

Imagine a world where there is much joy and happiness and the difference that brings to families and communities alike.

Thank you Lisa. I recommend this Lab to ALL!

Diya Fahs, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Safe Space for Breakthroughs

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me after the Profitability Lab. It really was a very big day for me in the breakthroughs and strides forward I feel like I was able to make. I am so grateful for the safe environment you have created there so I could open up and share.

That opportunity allowed for the powerful experience that it ended up being. Thank you for your gentle way of holding me accountable to the reality and not giving in to the stories in my head. I appreciate your experience and your willingness to implement that experience on my behalf so effectively.


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