Coventry Creations - Manufacturing with Retail/Wholesale

Excelleration Mentoring and Coaching Program

30% Increase in revenue in 24 months with expanded and lasting leadership effectiveness and accountability.
335.94% on mentoring investment/Annualized ROI 109%


For 30 years, sisters, Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw, have been growing Coventry Creations. Coventry Creations pioneered the marketing of herbal magic and intentional candles with their "Blessed Herbal Candles" creating an entire industry.

Coventry Creations is driven by its Contribution in the World: Empowered Belief. While it was part of their core product line, alignment and integration of Empowered Belief throughout their company culture was missing.


Coventry Creations wanted to scale and wanted to work toward a larger goal: to expand their brand in both the wholesale and retail divisions.

Jacki Smith, Coventry Creation’s CEO, originally contacted Excellerate Associates because of an organizational symptom of employee trust. Other organizational symptoms included:

• Miscommunication between co-owners and senior leadership team
• Inadequate or missing organizational and operational systems to handle expansion and growth initiatives
• Undefined Company Culture, resulting in a default culture of blame/guilt versus creating in a possibilities-based environment.
• Missing accountability systems, confusion over company direction, goals, expectations
• Undefined and no alignment of goals and metrics within the company
• Untrained leaders in leadership roles
• Unworkable manufacturing space ill-equipped to handle expansion



Defined Priority Areas

Assessed the priorities through our Cultural of Distinction Assessment focused on the Excelleration People-Process-Product-Profit Model

Created Coventry's Contribution in the World

Created the Coventry Creations Contribution in the World: Empowered Belief to establish a foundational context. Co-created a plan to integrate Empowered Belief into their Culture of Distinction.

Implemented Leadership Development and Accountability System Initiatives

Mentored/trained Coventry leaders in creating a plan to address and prioritize the accountability and business management systems, including fiscal, goal achievement, meeting mastery and accountability systems

Senior Leadership and Team Developmental Plan

Co-created a comprehensive senior and team leadership development plan with practical distinctions designed to transform:

  • Company Culture
  • Communication
  • Team Trust
  • Leadership Capacity and Capability in Goal Achievement
  • Mindset and Personal Development
  • PAAR (power, accountability, authority, and responsibility)
  • Goal Alignment and Achievement


The Excelleration Business Mentoring, Leadership Coaching, and Training, resulted in:

  • Increased revenue by 30% in 24 months
  • Accountability systems that revealed and stopped embezzlement
  • Transformed co-owner leadership, relationship, and communication
  • A growth-ready infrastructure with systems and processes to handle mass increase
  • Aligned company goals and employee accountabilities, benchmarks and process for achieving benchmarks
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Distinctions that:
    o Aligned the leadership team with key positions, maximizing their natural human wiring strengths
    o Caused core leadership to take ownership and shift from broke/fix (blame, guilt) to possibilities-based thinking
    o Transformed co-owner’s communication and leadership capacity
    o Leveled up core leadership’s ownership
     Positioned Coventry Creations to:
    o Increase employee compensation and benefits
    o Acquire new manufacturing facility from 5,112 to 10,425 square feet to keep up with the increase in sales (during a pandemic)
  • Hire Key Management Staff

With the implementation of business management systems focused on as part of the Excelleration Program, Coventry increased their financial stability to hire three key upper management personnel: Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and Human Resources Manager, who are leading the company to additional efficiencies and brought skills and talents that were missing.

Between business management processes and communication distinctions, Coventry is resolving issues faster and proactively improving manufacturing processes.
Below are the results that the Managers are addressing from what they learned from the distinctions in the Excellerate Associates Excelleration Mentoring and Training Programs:

The Operations Manager:
• Is training our middle management to own their department and their metrics.

The Marketing Manager
• Improved Coventry’s brand appearance and messaging.
• Is improving the work relationship between Coventry and its sales representative vendors.

The HR manager:
• Is introducing a training program for new team members with three ways to learn based on the distinctions of human wiring and a systems approach to integrating human wiring into the business system:
o Video demonstration
o Reading/listening/talking and
o Hands on experience

• Is improving company culture awareness throughout the company and has improved Coventry’s onboarding process with the goal of improving retention of new employees.

In Their Own Words...

quote-marks-smallWe are in the Excelleration Mentoring Program and in the first six months we accomplished (got a focused plan to scale our business, identified and put in place critical systems so we could scale, etc. ) We also got challenged to move outside our comfort zone resulting in quickly finding and recovering from breaks in our system. As the leader/co-owner, I personally had a breakthrough in effectively leading my team. I highly recommend (Wake Up Profitable, Wired to Win, Best Seller Profit System, Excelleration Mentoring)” 

Jacki Smith, CEO, Coventry Creations


quote-marks-smallLisa's guidance has helped us get more organized and think bigger. She showed us how to ask for what we want and expect to receive it or something better. Just in the first six months we got our team trained on setting goals and what it means to be accountable. Our team is more together than ever and leadership skills are blooming. Lisa helped us put in place a focused plan to scale our business. We also identified and put in place critical systems that were needed to run the company more profitable. As the co-owner, I personally had a breakthrough in communication. I'm more effective in guiding our team to get great results. I highly recommend all of Lisa Mininni's programs. I've participated in Wake up Profitable, Create Your Signature Program, Wired to Win, and her Best Seller Profit System.

Patty Shaw, General Manager, Coventry Creations