Business-Building Events

at the Business Innovation Lab - Livonia, Michigan

The Business Innovation Lab is an 8100 square foot business center that offers CoWorking, Private Executive Suites, and Conference Rooms. We also host on-site networking events. 

Scale Your Business!

Scaling your business doesn't mean working harder. The moment you walk into the Business Innovation Lab, you'll notice a distinct difference on how to grow your influence, income and impact.

  • Profitability Lab: Introduction - 2nd Thurs of Each Month at 9-11:30 am

    Shift from working in your business to working on your business. Learn about your human wiring, get connected to your Contribution in the World, see where you stand with the 7 profitability systems. Facilitated by Excellerate Associates.

  • Next-Level Networking Mixer for Women Business Owners - Jul 15, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 14, Nov 18, Dec 9

    We’ve heard a number of women business owners who should know each other but don’t because they’re running a successful business. So, let’s change that and have some fun, okay?

    There’s nothing like letting your hair down connecting with fellow women business owners who have a growing business and a team. Share a laugh, a best practice, or a business card. Enjoy a beverage and an appetizer, too!

    Join us by completing the RSVP. Don’t worry – you’re not added to anyone’s list and we won’t share it – we will just send courtesy reminders and a confirmation that you’re registered.

  • Project Lab Mentoring

    Where big ideas are actualized. Together we will mentor you to:

    Clarify your Contribution in the World as well as your vision so you see newly how that vision is turned into reality

    Build an Existence System for creating and successfully completing projects

    Generate high-performance teams engaging others to be in action

    Master powerful communication principles to engage others and expand your ability to generate outcomes

    Guest Days: June 24, Sep 24, Dec 17, 2020. Complimentary registration as guest:

  • Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners - Fri-Sat June 26-27, 2020 or Fri-Sat Oct 23-24, 2020

    Scale and systematize your business and marketing. Learn how to get a year’s worth of marketing in just one hour. Walk out with a plan to scale.

    To save by registering early, please apply promo code: 2019WUPEZ   Facilitated by Excellerate Associates.

  • Wired to Win 101: How Are You Hardwired? Fri Aug 14, 2020 and Sat Dec 12, 2020

    Discover your unique human wiring mix that reveals why you do what you do and ways to tap into new levels of effectiveness.

    Identify ways to create ideas, communicate authentically, and tap into a new level of effectiveness and productivity.

    Discover new ways of listening that inspires others into action, deepens your connections, and causes you to achieve your goals with greater peace and ease.

  • Wired to Win: Your Path to Passion, Purpose, and Profit - Fri-Sat Aug 21-22, 2020

    You will naturally operate from your very own wiring, which can often get in the way of achieving your most desired outcomes.

    Master the distinctions of human wiring, which increases your ability to navigate any kind of communication with grace, peace, and ease.

    Pre-Requisites: None

  • Create Your Signature Program Workshop - Fri-Sat Sep 25-26, 2020

    Your Signature Program is a must-have asset to scale your business while creating a body of work that gives your company distinct recognition in the marketplace. In this workshop, walk out with your Signature Asset (whether it is a blueprint, model, program, process, or framework)! Facilitated by Excellerate Associates

  • Best Seller Profit System Mentoring Program - Fri-Sat Nov 13-14, 2020

    Become a best-selling self-published author! This mentoring program starts immediately and the live workshop is included. Facilitated by Excellerate Associates.

About The Business Innovation Lab

The Business Innovation Lab offers CoWorking, Executive Suites, and Conference Rooms. From the moment you step inside, you'll notice this is the place where innovation happens.

Where Innovation Happens

Check out Executive Suites, Office Space, CoWorking, or our Conference Facilities.

Enjoy the Java & Chai Lounge

During your networking or workshop breaks, enjoy a refreshing cup of java or a calming cup of chai in our Java & Chai Lounge. Enjoy our high speed WiFi.

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