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Hosted by Excellerate Associates at The Business Innovation Lab

January 31, 2019 Next-Level Networking Mixer:

  • 1

    What the #MeToo Movement Means to Employers

    In this session, you will: - Identify ways to protect yourself from potential sexual harrassment/discrimination situations;
    - Learn what to look for when considering how to address the risk of employment practices;
    - Discover front-end hiring practices to mitigate risks

  • 2

    Improving Your Business's Cash Flow

    Business Lending is one of the most crucial decisions any business can make.
    In this session, you will:
    - Determine what is needed for business lending decisions
    - Explore criteria that could assist with approvals
    - Identify documents generally needed for decision

  • 3

    Golden Rules of Goal Setting

    Start off the year focused. In this session you will:
    - Assess how to create a lasting shift in setting goals for yourself and your business.
    - Get access to the hottest organizational alignment tool designed to get your goals in gear (and achieve them)!
    - Distinguish between goals, objectives, and action items and ways to improve your team's productivity.

  • 4

    Special Guest Speaker

    Hear about what's happening regionally in 2019 with Livonia Mayor Dennis K. Wright.

Space is Limited. Registration Required.

DATE: Thur, Jan 31, 2019
TIME: 8:30- 11:30 am
The Business Innovation Lab - a CoWorking and Conference Center
38221 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI 48150
Continental Breakfast Included
This Session Only - $20

Space is Limited. Registration Required.

Register For All Sessions - $30

April 10, 2019 Next-Level Networking Mixer:

  • 1

    Don't Get Left in the Dark - Bill Springer, Conrad Insurance Company

    According to Agility Recovery, 70 percent of businesses or organizations will face a power
    outage within the next 12 months. Don't get left in the dark. In this session, you will discover:
    - The gaps in your contingency plan on where to operate if there's an interruption in business.
    - The impact if your location is inoperable particularly if you have inventory that requires refrigeration.
    - What happens if your data or customer communication is interrupted and what you can do about it now.

  • 2

    Spring Clean Your Business - Abe Karaali of Citizen's Bank

    Is your business ready for the spring rush? Spring is the busiest time of the year. In this session, you will:
    - The top 3 things to put in place to ensure your business succeeds
    - Marketing tips for the time of year
    - The #1 thing that you need to consider for your policies and procedures

  • 3

    Small Steps = Big Leaps - Lisa Mininni, Best Selling Author & President, Excellerate Associates

    Spring cleaning your business doesn’t have to involve changing everything or starting from scratch with new and exciting initiatives. It’s the small changes that make the biggest difference in your bottom line.In this session, you will:
    -Complete one exercise that will help you find more time and money in your business
    -Identify 3 ways to shift the way you work and get more done in less time.
    -Learn about the #1 tactic that works with your innate wiring to increase your productivity by 40%

Aug 14 2019 Next-Level Networking Mixer:

  • 1

    WOW! Where Did 2019 Go? Bill Springer, Conrad Insurance Agency

    While the summer is for relaxing, you also want to finish the year strong. In this session, you will learn:
    - What to plan for next year to protect your business
    - Tips to prepare your business so your building is not impacted by unexpected weather interruptions
    - What to assess right now to make sure your business is not adversely impacted by weather interruptions.

  • 2

    Myth Busters: Myths about Business Seasonality - Abe Karaali, Citizen's Bank

    Busting myths and misperceptions about business seasonality. In this session, you will:
    - Bust the myth on how predictable seasonality really is
    - Ways to spot patterns in the industry
    - Tips to shepherd your business through the lean times

  • 3

    How to Hire Awesomeness - Lisa Mininni, Best Selling Author & President, Excellerate Associates

    There are many beliefs about running a business that you buy into that are simply not true, like it's impossible to find great talent. In this session, you will:
    - Learn the #1 myth about hiring that keeps you from finding the best people.
    - The top 3 steps to take before hiring anyone.
    - The critical steps to take in hiring that almost every business owner forgets and that make a real difference in creating a high-performance team.

ATTENTION:   This Next-Level Networking Mixer is designed for business owners who have a team and are scaling their business.

Registration Required.