Are you a business owner who leads a team (i.e., employees, independent contractors)?

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Hosted by Excellerate Associates at The Business Innovation Lab

September 24 Networking Lab:

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    Invitation Only

    This is a networking event that creates value for you. Let's face it, open networking events don't always hit the mark for business owners who are managing a team of people. Your projects and scope of work is broader and more complex than many businesses. Your issues are distinct. You might own or lease commercial property, manage a team of people, and land large-scale projects. We've created a distinct experience for your level of business. Network and brainstorm with like-level business owners.

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    At each Networking Lab, we will ask attendees to share their best practices, like marketing or hiring best practices.

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    Value-Added Relationship Building

    It's often difficult to find networking events that add value, meet your specific needs, and build value-added relationships. When you lead a team of people and generate at a certain level, you have distinct issues and want to bounce ideas off of peers who can relate and provide straight answers.

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