Imagine a world where you have a leading role in transforming global abundance with a contribution-conscious business community.

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Leaders from growing companies are using our unique approach to discover a new way to succeed.

You don't have to imagine a world with contribution-conscious business community, it's here right now.

We offer skilled facilitators an opportunity to empower business owners to be abundantly prosperous in their area of expertise, scale their business with greater ease, and make a real difference in the world by teaching them a proven System and framework.

For over a decade, this framework has been taught to thousands of business owners and now you have an opportunity to bring it to contribution-conscious business owners.

Our Contribution - The Ripple Effect

Here’s what we know about business owners. They know what it's like to take a leap of faith. They also know the importance of paying it forward often giving to (or creating) non-profits and causes. Those non-profits and causes go out into their communities.

Those communities know what it’s like to be receive and they give back, creating a Ripple Effect. Through that Ripple Effect, we will achieve global peace. And, it starts with business owners.

This is the contribution our Lab Leaders stand for in the world. We are building a network of facilitators who are interested in being part of a Profitability Lab Leader Community to bring that contribution throughout the globe.

Together we can transform the world through small business leaders.

The question is, will you be one of these leaders?

The Profitability Lab Leader Distributor Program was developed to:

Empower you to strengthen your personal brand

As a business owner, this licensing option can be just the added offering to complement your existing offerings and client base.

Profit from a licensing option

As a licensee, there are multiple ways to earn commissions and generous recurring monthly income.

Join a supportive community

As a Profitability Lab Leader, you are part of a community of advanced-level business owners who are teaching the distinctions of a systems approach to profitability to business owners.

Teach a time-tested approach that works

You will have an opportunity to learn a systems approach to profitability, which is a holistic way of looking at building a profitable business. Most importantly, you are assisting other business owners to create a contribution-conscious business. When you show them how to make a real difference in the world and pay it forward, it starts a Ripple Effect. And, everyone benefits. You get to be a part of this global movement.


  • Previous background in training, facilitating, teaching, or educating.
  • You are in good standing with your current business.
  • You are willing to commit to 36-months to facilitate labs.
  • You align with our contribution in the world.


Ready to Take the Next Step in Becoming a Lab Leader Licensee?

Inquire Now.

We look forward to learning more about you and what you want to accomplish as a Profitability Lab Leader Distributor Licensee.

For further consideration, please press the Next Step Button, complete your information, and download and return the pre-questionnaire within 7 days.

Create a great life,

Lisa Mininni, President, Excellerate Associates

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