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Building business resilience regardless of circumstances

Strategize.  Systematize.  Scale.  Succeed.

For over 20 years, leaders of fast-growing companies are using our proprietary and proven Entrepreneurial Edge System™ to discover a fresh way to lead and scale.

Scale with effectiveness and grace. Walk out with your Business Blueprint in hand that:

  • Maximizes your and your team's human wiring.
  • Identifies a fresh new mindset and scalable business model.
  • Maps out ways to systematize your processes and marketing.
  • Aligns your products and services with your Contribution in the World.

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Fall Session: Monday-Tuesday, October 21-22, 2024

Excellerate Associates Headquarters
Business Innovation Lab CoWorking & Conference Center
38221 Plymouth Road, Conference Suite 1
Livonia, MI 48150

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2024 DATE

Fall Session: Monday-Tuesday, October 21-22, 2024


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A Certified Woman-Owned Business

Business Owners Share Their Experience at This Boot Camp:

The Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners draws in successful small business owners committed to scaling their business. Here's what they reported:

  • Designed a scalable business model
  • Identified an organizational structure to live into
  • Identified a marketing strategy for easy implementation by the team
  • Increased productivity by over 40%
  • Improved sales 90% in 30 days
  • Freedom to enjoy life by aligning and systematizing their business

Business Owners also report that they:

  • Designed multiple income streams with a leveraged and scalable business model
  • Aligned their business model with their natural hardwiring
  • Increased sales by redefining their sales system and sales flow
  • Increased their pre-qualified leads through their own lead generation system (while eliminating cold calling)
  • Crystallized their target market and marketing messages
  • Systematized their business and marketing


  • Got clarity on their Contribution in the World
  • Shifted their negative and self-sabotaging beliefs into positive success-minded ones
  • Identified packages to maximize how they charge for products and services
  • Increased the level of their personal productivity and focus
  • Brought their goals and objectives into existence through the Business Blueprint
  • Designed a Signature Program/Model distinguishing their company in the market.


Who Participates


High-achieving business owners participant in this two-day strategic event. This is for you if:

  • You’re a life-long learner, high achieving, and have a deep desire to give back.
  • You have a high interest in shaping a profitable business you love leaving a legacy through the work you do.
  • You are interested in living life fully, making choices consistent with your contribution in the world and pursuing what’s most important.

This is also for you if:

  • You know that you’re missing out on opportunities.
  • You would like to reduce overhead, increase efficiency, and add resilience to your business model.
  • You wish to discover how to reverse the sales process and have your prospects choose you, instead of you chasing them.
  • You see value in developing a pre-qualification system that empowers you to understand your client’s state and mindset prior to discussing your products and services.
  • You tend to be the bottleneck – things don’t get done without you doing them or approving them and you want to change that.
  • You want to know how to build and best motivate your team.
  • You “get” that systems give you leverage and want to better facilitate your customer interaction from initial contact to follow up.
  • You want to easily and effortlessly overcome objections of others and show the true value of the products and services you offer while expanding your revenue streams.
  • You want a framework that scales your business and delivers quality products and/or services regardless of the circumstances.

How the Systems Approach Works


Grounded in a systems approach, you will develop new skills around building a resilient and profitable business. You will create an awareness of how each component of your business interconnects.

From that awareness comes a fundamental shift in the way you market and operate your business. This shift is not a one-time event, but an ongoing access to a new distinction in operational awareness, team performance, sales effectiveness, marketing systems, and profitability.

You will find yourself able to exponentially increase your results because of this new way of thinking about ways to optimize and connect all of the pieces of your business. You will work through a proven framework that puts them together in a way that actualizes your desired vision.

Here is What You Can Take Away

Develop a Scalable Business Model

  • Stabilize your cash flow with a leveraged business model.
  • Explore alternative delivery models so you deliver value regardless of the circumstances.
  • Identify multiple revenue streams in your area of expertise.
  • Tap into cost-saving strategies.
  • Save thousands in getting the word out about your business.

Make Life-Changing Connections

Business owners often tell us how enriching the conversations and connections are from the people they meet at the Boot Camp. You will discover:

  • Many new and innovative ideas.
  • How your very big goals can be achieved by the networks that are collectively available when you're in a room filled with high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Crystallize Your Ideal Client

Get crystal clear on your exact client with your Preferred Client Profile so you:

  • Walk confidently knowing precisely where your preferred clients/customers gather
  • Powerfully connect in ways that create long-term relationships and referrals.

Tap into On-The-Spot Practice Sessions and Mentoring

Tap into the support you'll get to:

  • Identify ways to generate additional revenue streams.
  • Work through an expanded business model with on-the-spot mentoring and practice sessions.

Systematize Your Business and Your Marketing

  • Identify easily implementable systems.
  • Discover what's missing from your marketing and what a difference it makes when you implement new authentic and aligned ways to market your unique business.
  • Walk away with an implementable marketing plan.

Significantly Improve Your Productivity

Shape and shift the way you work that will create focus and leverage so you:

  • Learn how to work most efficiently in alignment with your innate hardwiring
  • Utilize your resources.
  • Build your profit system quickly.

What Our Alumni Say:

Bridget Mahrle, CEO Bridget Mahrle, CEO, United Mobile Power Wash, a Certified Woman-Owned Business

"Focus and Relationships"

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners, I was self-absorbed with my stressors. I was too focused on what couldn't happen, totally forgetting that I have so many possibilities to consider.

During the boot camp, I discovered that I was expecting everyone to think and work like me and news flash - we are not naturally wired that way. I now see me for me and others as they are.

What I learned will

-Save my work and personal relationships; and

-Help us stay focused on what really matters for the success of our business.

Gordon Mahrle Gordon Mahrle, Dry Ice Works

"Pride and Expansion"

I was stressed, frustrated and, at times, ready to pack it in before attending this boot camp.

At the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp, my wife and I discovered how awesome we are. We will take our business to new heights.

The human wiring, communication distinctions, pricing strategies, aligning with the legacy, ideas to scale, mindset systems, and marketing systems and plan were valuable.

What I learned will increase our pride in our company. It will expand opportunity to others, too!

Jason Blanks, CEO Jason Blanks, CEO, Bucket List Travels

"Will Increase Revenue by 50%"

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp, I had a plan but not had the time to develop it fully.

By walking through the system, I realized that I have the resources I need to be profitable.

What I learned will increase revenue by 50%.

Nancy Maurer Nancy Maurer, Soder Haven, LLC

"Clarity and a System"

Prior to the boot camp, I was overwhelmed with multiple legal pads of ideas, focal areas, to-do's for my business.

Now I have greater clarity and a system to eliminate my multiple legal pads. The human wiring, ideas to scale, and marketing systems and plan will give me greater focus and action forward.

Cheryl Thompson, CEO Cheryl Thompson, CEO, Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion, and Advancement (CADIA)

"Worked ON the Business. Identified Metrics."

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners, I had not taken the time to take a step back to put everything I am doing in my business into a system so that I can see what is going well and to identify gaps.

During the boot camp, I discovered the value of creating and tracking metrics for myself and our clients.

What I learned will give me the confidence to hire a team.

Tre Walton Tre Walton, Merrill Lynch

"Confidence. Client Acquisition Ideas. Scalability."

I did not realize how much I didn't know about the differences in which people give and receive information. I now have a much deeper level of thinking, a much better and more specific ways to approach any business activity. I discovered distinctions, human wiring, how to increase referral and strategic partners, pricing strategies, ideas to scale, mindset systems, marketing systems, and so much more. 

What I learned will increase client acquisition, improve communication, give me more confidence, and build a scalable book of business.

Russell Hoover Russell Hoover, CJB Funding Solution

"Marketing Process"

I did not have a marketing process prior to attending the Boot Camp. During this master class, I learned about human wiring, referral and strategic partners, pricing strategies, ideas to scale, marketing systems and plan, my Contribution in the World, and how to align my business model with my wiring.

What I learned will greatly increase my revenue and my Contribution in the World.

Kellee Miller Kellee Miller, SARC Foundation

"Solid Sales and Marketing Process."

I did not have a solid sales and marketing process prior to going into the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners.

At the boot camp, I created an integrated marketing model tailored to my services and the community I want to impact. What I learned will increase the effectiveness in promoting our organization and save time in trying to "figure it out." 

Lynn Drake, CEO Lynn Drake, CEO, Compass Commercial, a certified woman-owned business

Through the System at the Wake Up Profitable, I developed an additional revenue stream that has added value to my existing clients and keeps referrals that I would have previously turned down.

Conservatively, we’re projecting a 5% increase in revenue from this income stream. As we service the client, we also see that it will lead to clients returning with larger-scale projects.

If you want to scale your business, this workshop is well-worth your investment and time.

Pamela Mack, CEO Pamela Mack, CEO, Bricks4Kidz

Highly Recommend the Boot Camp!

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable Workshop for Business Owners, I was struggling to create a blueprint and daily, weekly, and monthly plans of action to grow my business. This program and Lisa Mininni have armed me with a solid plan of action to really focus my business for profitability.

During the Boot Camp, I discovered that I am wired with a high amount of autonomy, how to communicate with other types of wiring, and not to be put off by other wiring types.

What I learned will save me time that I previously wasted on less productive activities and with prospects who are not my targeted audience so that I increase and maximize sales.

It took me 26 hours and three flights to get to Lisa Mininni's Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp from Europe - and I feel very happy I did it! Monica Laschkolnig, CEO, Franchise Owner +

It's really an amazing program that brings you clarity about where you stand in your business and gives you all the tools to move on and step it up. It's two days of information, processes and value that you could easily spend much more time putting all together from multiple places but Lisa's skillful ways of putting all of the pieces together without an overload in just two days - that's an art! And it's delivered with humour and Lisa's love and care for people - very precious.

The first workday after the workshop, I managed to work through a mountain of things which I would postpone before, just because I didn't know how to tackle them or they scared me because they seemed too complicated. I went through various bigger and smaller tasks, bits and pieces here and there that needed readjustment, realignment, activation or simply working through and getting them done.

I've been working all the day long, rejoicing that I know what to do and how to do it, impatient to move on even faster. Once you know what to do, you can't wait to get it done.

I rarely rave about seminars or workshops so much - but this one just came at perfect timing, and it is designed to perfectly meet the needs of an entrepreneur who wants to simplify and streamline their processes, get out there on social media in an effective way, and get the website done and activated properly, which I'm working on, too.

As the result I feel joy, satisfaction, relief and a sense of success for having been able to move further. And what's more, I experience comfort knowing that shall I get stuck on the way, Lisa is there, helpful, available for asking and really caring about how people are doing, wishing them true success! And that's just Day 1 of applying what I've learned!

Monika Laschkolnig, M.A., Franchise Owner
Board of Directors, Association of Transformational Leaders - Europe

We attended Wake Up Profitable last year and were impressed by the framework and overall experience. The exercises caused us to discover out-of-the-box ideas on ways we could scale our business.

The biggest takeaway was discovering ways to systematize and diversify our revenue model. Most importantly, we identified a solution to expand our portfolio of business resulting in a well-received new product offering and new market!

We are also members of the Profitability Lab Business Mentoring and Coaching, which has caused us to take big leaps and given us the support to lead powerfully. With the Business Blueprint, we stay on point with our plan and refine our business management systems to stay profitable.

Our employees have shared with us how much they appreciate the direction we’re taking the company. It’s rewarding to see our goals become a reality in just 12 months.

We highly recommend the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners and the Profitability Lab Mentoring.

Sonja Parker and Kit Dickinson, IDI
Ashaleena and Matthew Lamarand Ashaleena and Matthew Lamarand, Dogology University

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable for Business Owners, we were confused about our ideal clients. During the boot camp, we discovered the ideal client was different than we thought. What we learned is giving us clarity to market consistent with the impact we’re having in the world through our work. We also enrolled in the Excelleration Mentoring Program, and project a 445.26% return on our investment in 12 months. In just six months, we automated our lead generation system, hired an employee, increased our brand visibility, created our foundational SOPs, and plan to close on a new headquarters.

Pamela Smith Pamela Smith, PTS Compliance Consulting, LLC, a certified woman- and minority-owned business

Before attending the Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp, I didn't have a plan and was not clear on my marketing. My marketing system that I developed in the boot camp will increase my profits by growing my client base during the next 12 months.

Your Ticket Includes

The Live Event and Welcome Strategy Call

Your experience starts as soon as you register with a Welcome Strategy Call. We will discuss with you your priorities so that you receive everything you registered for.

Content-Rich Framework

You will be supported with a content-rich, proven framework complete with materials that include exercises, samples, and systems laid out step by step.
Our eResources is a toolbox of resources so you don't have to guess at implementation.

Access to An Aligned Existence System

How good is all the information if you don’t have an easy to follow and step-by-step Business Blueprint to put it all together? Our brand new Excelleration App is revolutionizing how you align your business and team with your contribution in the world and accomplish your goals.

Integrated Marketing Model

Easily marry your offline and online marketing strategies and put together a marketing plan that works.

We'll show you no-cost to low-cost tools to get the job done.

BONUS: Human Wiring Graphs

For a limited time, you have an opportunity will receive your own human wiring graphs when you register today. Instead of guessing how you may be wired, you will know helping you to take a deeper dive into the framework you'll be learning during the live workshop.


Step 1: Mastering Your Inner Entrepreneur +

“In my 20 years of hands-on experience, what causes someone to increase their business comes from an important place: The Inner Entrepreneur.” ~Lisa Mininni

In this step, you will remove roadblocks by taking a systems approach. It's a holistic approach that aligns all of the pieces together.

Even though you may have a great track record, you may have components of how you operate that are simply out of alignment. This is why a Systems Approach is so important. Connecting all of the dots.

We start with your Inner Entrepreneur. This is the place that causes strategies and tactics not to be implemented and stops entrepreneurs in their tracks. If you want to get from where you are today to where you want to be, you must make a shift on the inside first.

We are creatures of habit at work.

What holds us back is doing the same thing over and over again – without a focus or acting based on outdated notions – not because we want that, but because we have been conditioned to behave in certain ways. If you want to break the cycle, you have to change what is on the inside and understand where it comes from. Change the inside – and the outside changes.

Here are some of the distinctions we cover:

-Your Human Wiring. Understanding your own human wiring. When you structure your business model in alignment with how you and your team executes, you increase your productivity and stay consistently motivated. (Imagine a business model that’s easy to implement and motivates you and your team!) (By the way, this is not about your behaviors - behaviors change over time. This is about understanding your innate wiring, which is natural to who you are.

It's also not about putting you in a box. You have a unique mix of hardwiring, that, when fully understood, is part of your uniqueness that attracts your ideal clients.

-Inner Entrepreneurial System. You'll experience a unique formula (and system) to change self-sabotaging and negative beliefs. Small mindset shifts yield major results.

-Shift and shape the way you work. Create focus and leverage your time, money and resources.

-Preferred Client Profile. Attract your Preferred Client by getting clear on your ideal client/customer so you walk confidently knowing precisely where your preferred clients/customers gather.

-Marketing Mix. Work through an Integrated Marketing Model and identify steps to strategically positioning you and your marketing.

You will also:

  • Identify ways to define and clarify your competitive advantage that separates your business from any other.
  • Reverse the sales process so your clients choose you instead of you chasing them.
Step 2: Systematizing and Monetizing Your Business +

In the afternoon of Day 1, you'll step into the second step: Systematize and Monetize Your Business.

If you don’t have a leveraged business model, you will work really hard. The reality is you’re likely working really hard now.

Isn’t it time for a new approach?

In these steps, you’ll learn:

  • Key Areas to Systematize and Monetize your business that shows how your business model can bring in continuous cash flow.
  • The three types of revenue and ways to give choices in the way your clients work with you.
  • Ways to structure and expand your business model for maximum efficiencies, reach, and profitability.
  • Expand your relationship capital by leveraging relationships – it is, by far, one of the best marketing tools for fast growth.
  • See how to get a year’s worth of marketing done in just one hour.
  • Learn how to reverse the sales process. You’ll discover how every site (website, social media site) works together to pre-qualify prospects, how you can keep in touch with prospects, and how your systems do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!
  • Engage your prospects and identify your Unique Sales Process that turns your leads into clients.
  • Systematize your Internal Business with the 3 T’s so you stay laser focused. This variety of time management and organizational tools and resources help you determine which ones to use based on your unique hardwiring so it works for the long term.
  • Establish Your Unique Marketing Mix so you develop a reputation as a trusted source.
  • Learn how to systematically market. You’ll discover how to save thousands in advertising and have a line of pre-qualified prospects wanting to do business with you!
Step 3: Executing Your Business Blueprint +

It doesn’t matter how fantastic all of your strategies are if you don’t have a way to put those plans into existence.

Your comprehensive Business BlueprintTM leverages your time — so you stay focused on your area of genius no matter what else is going on. It’s fully integrated so your plan gets realized in your calendar.

Our Excelleration App helps to keep you laser focused on your goals, — identifies the next steps to take, and makes sure the steps you are taking are working because you have metrics so you’re spending time on the right activities that generate results.

You’ll also discover —

  • Ways to scale your big idea into multiple revenue streams for your business.
  • Finally build goals and objectives so you can achieve what you set out to do this year!
  • Build a business model consistent with your strengths and create an effective team that is consistently motivated and on the same page.

Location and Lodging

Mon-Tues April 22-23, 2024 8:30 am - 6 pm Eastern Time

Excellerate Associates Headquarters
Business Innovation Lab CoWorking & Conference Center
38221 Plymouth Road, Conference Suite 1
Livonia, MI 48150
Location and Lodging +

The Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp takes place in beautiful Michigan at our Business Innovation Lab Building.

Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes. While you’re here for the conference, visit one of our 11,000 inland lakes (spread across our lower and upper peninsulas), the Detroit Institute of Arts, Hitsville U.S.A. (headquarters of the Motown record company), and Henry Ford Museum. Bring your passport and have dinner in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, which is approximately 45 minutes from the conference location.

Event Details:

The conference is held in Livonia, Michigan, approximately 30-45 minutes from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and is an easy cab ride or shuttle.

The workshop is held at:

The Business Innovation Lab Building

38221 Plymouth Road

Livonia, MI 48150

Please park in any of the two parking lots in front of the building. For overflow parking, please park on the side streets.


There are plenty of area hotels or bed and breakfasts in nearby Plymouth, Michigan to serve your travel needs.

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Sponsor-Partners +

Thank you to our dedicated team of Sponsor-Partners.

Our Sponsor-Partners have experienced our programs, products, or services. They are dedicated to practicing the systems approach. They take a stand for the small business community and align with our Contribution the World: Small Business Abundance to Cause Global Peace.

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