Women Business Owners Virtual Lunch

Welcome to the Women Business Owners Virtual Lunch

Hosted by Excellerate Associates at The Business Innovation Lab

You're Invited

You're invited to have lunch together, virtually, with fellow women-owned businesses who have a brick and mortar and a team.  You are invited you because you like to collaborate, share your best practices, and because you are a woman-owned business.  Grab your lunch, sit down, and collaborate with other business owners over Zoom.

See you soon!

Lisa Mininni, Founder, Business Innovation Lab CoWorking & Conference Center

President, Excellerate Associates


Systematize your networking by holding the following dates on your calendar for future lunches from 12-1 pm Eastern Time:

Wed May 12, 2021

Wed Sep 8, 2021

Wed Nov 10, 2021

RSVP Required (because we want to make sure we roll out the red carpet treatment for you!)