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Next Live Workshop: Thursday-Friday, Sept 21-22, 2017

Location: Excellerate Associates, 42180 Ford Road, Canton, Michigan



What Our Students are Saying about Wired to Win...

Marilyn Suttle - author of

"Lisa’s ability to “read” people is magical, and having taken her Wired to Win Program, I’ve put that magic to work in my business. Before working with Lisa, I was unaware of how my wiring was clashing with my business model, and costing me money.

I highly recommend Lisa!"

Marilyn Suttle, Best-Selling Author of www.whosyourgladys.com

Terry Duperon, CEO of Retail Pro Sales

"This workshop is life changing! What I liked best about this program are the insights on how different people function. It provides high-level insights to specific strategies and tactics so that I can be highly effective in my business!"

Terry Duperon, CEO, Retail Pro Sales and Good People Goods

"Knowing my natural hard-wiring has helped me connect more easily with my staff, my clients and vendors, and even my friends and family!" What an expected gift to be able to see how to communicate more clearly (and how to be more effective in my message) with everyone I know.

Thank you, Lisa, for showing me a better way!"

Sharon McRill, CEO, The Betty Brigade

In This High-Impact Program, You Will Discover...

  • The 3 steps to understand how you are wired to win – in all aspects in life.
  • What makes you tick and how to eliminate procrastination for good!
  • Ways to structure your environment so you stay motivated always.
  • Your complete natural wiring so you understand the environment you need for effective decision making.
  • Your passion and purpose through the lens of your innate wiring.
  • The relief that comes from knowing why the changes you’re making are energizing or de-energizing.

You'll Succeed Easily Where Most Business Leaders Fail.
Here's Why...

You'll Get Out of Your Own Way!

Most business professionals don’t understand how they are getting in the way of their success. Without the knowledge of how others want to receive their information and are motivated, you are working way too hard.

You will naturally operate from your very own wiring, which often gets in the way of growing a business.

Knowing the distinctions of human wiring increases your ability to navigate any kind of communication with grace, peace, and ease.

You'll Grow Your Influence and Relationships...

You'll have insight into what makes people tick giving you a  huge advantage in any conversation as you know how others need to receive their information.

You'll be able to create instant rapport with others that causes you to enroll others in your ideas, products and services more effortlessly, and over all, be more masterful in your communications.

Make Better Decisions...

Knowing how you and others are naturally wired will help you manage pressure and risk to make the best decisions. You'll create great clarity on your own purpose and motivations in life.

Get  Instant Access to High-Impact, Practical Training to Be a Leader Who is Wired to Win

Join Lisa Mininni, best-selling author of Me, Myself and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change, who has a 20-year track record helping thousands of people understand their unique wiring.

Two Interactive Sessions

  • Discover your preferred motivational techniques, communication, work environment and information that will maximize your satisfaction and productivity.
  • Get Coaching Tips and specific ways to to build self-confidence, productivity and your enjoyment in your role.
  • Understand the demands of your workplace and how you are adjusting (and what to do to better align your work environment).


The "Wired to Win" Course Manual

Walk away knowing your innate wiring and how to recognize others. You'll know how to structure your business model for ease of execution based on your wiring.

At the live 2-day workshop, you'll receive our updated manual where we take a deeper dive into your contribution in the world.

One 1-on-1 Call plus Three 70-Minute High-Impact Audios

Before the workshop, we set up a 1-on-1 call with you to identify what specifically you would like to get from the workshop. 

You also receive instant access to three 70-minute high-impact, high-value audios explaining the elements of hard wiring. New distinctions in communication gives you access to lead powerfully with increased performance, productivity, and greater peace of mind.

Your Very Own AcuMax Index Hard Wiring Report

Knowing how you’re naturally wired tells you how you are best motivated and provides the things that you innately need to achieve maximum potential and satisfaction.

"When you can work in alignment with who you are, it's not work."

-Lisa Mininni

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Now that's as strong as we can say it. Lisa has spent years teaching about natural wiring and we know you can get deep insights from this program.

However, if for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied after the first day, contact us, return your materials, and we'll refund your course fee (less a processing and reversal fee). No hard feelings. No hoops to jump through. Fair enough?

Your Bonus for  Signing Up Today...

Bonus Ticket to the next LIVE Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp

 That’s right! You’ll also receive your bonus ticket to my live annual Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners. For a limited time, you'll receive a bonus ticket to our October 5-6, 2017 Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp.

Here's where you will learn the 3 steps to a systems approach to profitability (that is a holistic approach to operating a business). You will discover a specific system to:

  • Master Your Inner Entrepreneur
  • Systematize and Monetize Your Business and Marketing
  • Execute Your Business Blueprint

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  • Get out of your own way

  • Grow your influence and sales

  • Tap into a framework to make better decisions

Course Summary

I understand that I will get:

  • 2 LIVE Sessions Thursday-Friday, Sept 21-22, 2017 Plus 1-on-1 Consult Before the Workshop!
  • My very own AcuMax hardwiring report!
  • Course Manuals – the online downloadable manual to understand the assessment at a glance! PLUS, the brand new Manual at the live two-day workshop.
  • INSTANT access to three 70-minute high-impact, high-value audios explaining the elements of hardwiring.

Plus This Amazing Bonus

  • Your Ticket to the 2017 Live Fall Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp in Michigan Oct 5-6, 2017

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Your Questions... Answered!

  • Q. Can I bring my business partner?

    A.Yes! We have a number of business partners that we work with who have taken their business to the next level by understanding each other and how they are naturally wired. One owner said he learned more about his business partner and brother in 1 hour than in 50 years helping him instantly know how to better communicate with him. When registering, simply place the number of people you wish to attend the event in the Quantity Section.

  • Q.Is this an interactive course?

    A.Yes, it is! To get the most from this course, listen to the audios prior to your Live Workshop. During the  workshop, we’ll dive even deeper into your natural wiring, identify your purpose (which is often rooted in your hardwiring) and learn how to align your work environment with how you naturally execute. No more generic productivity techniques. Now you’ll discover techniques that stick! You’ll also get clear on the contribution you and your business is in the world (and why that is a game changer for you).

  • Q.What is the name of the tool that measures my hardwiring and when do I take it?

    A.In most cases, you will receive a link to your AcuMax Index within 1 business day from ordering. Upon successful registration, your access to the online audios is immediate.

  • Q.Where is the live workshop held?

    A.This live workshop is held at Excellerate Associates Headquarters in Canton, Michigan. Additionally, information on hotel accommodations and other logistics is provided upon registration.

  • Q.Do I get immediate access to the audio program?

    A.Yes! You’ll also be provided with a brand new manual at the live workshop.

  • Q.How is the AcuMax Index different from other behavioral assessments?

    A.AcuMax Index is the only tool that objectively measures and reports on a person’s natural wiring. Your wiring is present at birth and stays with you your life time. Your wiring is part of your nature whereas behaviors are part of your nurturing environment. Your natural wiring does not change but behaviors do. This is what we know about behaviors – they change over time. You don’t behave the same way you did when you were 18 years old. Why? Because of how you were influenced through your nurturing environment. You’ll learn more in this area through your participation in the course.

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